Business in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most prominent regions in the fashion sector, home to leading global fashion brands such as Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli.

Tuscany has been synonymous with craftsmanship, creativity and innovation for hundreds of years.

Renaissance Florence was famous also for the entrepreneurial spirit of its artisans, the first to specialize in luxury products designed to meet the needs of the local nobility.

In the centuries that have followed, enterprise, taste for beauty and the sense of aesthetics have remained distinctive traits of this land and today Tuscany boasts various manufacturing districts in the fashion sector and an extensive strategic network of suppliers. 

One of Europe’s most expert regions in the textiles, clothing, leather goods and footwear industries, Tuscany makes an important contribution to Italian fashion exports and plays a key role in enhancing the global reputation of the Made in Italy brand in the world.

Its high level of manufacturing expertise, a combination of the craft tradition and innovation in the industrial and logistics fields, has attracted the biggest international players in the luxury segment, such as LVMH, Kering, Richemont, Burberry and Chanel, who have invested in the area, opening production sites which benefit from the proximity to Florence and its reputation as the most prestigious luxury production district in the world.

Tuscany is also a hive of innovation, particularly in the area of sustainability: here, fashion companies experiment and use new raw materials and implement production systems based on renewable and green energies. It is therefore an area packed with opportunities for businesses that plan to ramp up their R&D activities, which can also take advantage of a network of cutting-edge entities through technology partnerships.

With its headquarters in Florence, Polimoda has always formed part of this network, devoting itself to training a new generation of fashion professionals focused on sustainability. In 2023 this commitment saw Polimoda becoming the first academic institution to join the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, the platform dedicated to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the fashion industry.

All of these aspects make the Tuscan district a natural platform for training, its expertise stemming from its various centres of technical excellence andtheir strong focus on experimentation.

Polimoda therefore represents a hub of public relations and professional knowledge, a place where businesses and students meet to bring life to research and development projects.

Polimoda is also a reference point and a reliable partner for national and international businesses that want to invest in the Tuscan fashion industry.

In fact, thanks to its UNI ISO 9001:2015 certification and status as an accredited Agency of the Region of Tuscany Polimoda also assists businesses in their commercial development and consolidation processes, helping them to find specialized human resources and providing support for the procurement of public funding.

The professional support offered by Polimoda therefore represents a source of added value for companies, which also translates into a competitive advantage in the market.