The digital design and modelling of footwear using softwares, facilitating engineering and prototyping

Course focus

The 2D and 3D design of footwear and soles is the main topic of the course. Beginning with ergonomic and functional aspects, the course will illustrate the tools provided by digital softwares for the 3D and 2D design of footwear, facilitating the engineering of the product, simulation and rapid prototyping.

Course aim

The course aims to provide participants with the skills to maximise the use of digital technology for the creation and representation of footwear models in 3D through the use of different types of software.

Course structure

The modules cover the digital design of the different parts of the shoe:

  • designing the sole;
  • designing the upper;
  • introduction to software, tools and functionalities;
  • the main work tools for designing soles;
  • the design of 3 types of models, two-dimensional design tools, the development of surfaces with different functions, the processes of designing solids;
  • tools for the texturising of surfaces.

Outcomes / Skills acquired

At the end of the course participants will know how to use software for the virtual creation and design of footwear. They will be able to create photorealistic renderings to present their collections and reduce the production times of different variants.


  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Upper secondary school leaver’s certificate or equivalent.


Level Professional
Duration 6 weekends, in-person, 48h in total (Friday evening and Saturday morning 4h+4h)
Modality face-to-face
Cost 4.000 €
Language Italian
2024      Start 23-02-2024    End 30-03-2024
2024      Start 11-10-2024    End 23-11-2024

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