Valuing and embracing diversity is of great strategic importance for corporate wellbeing and brand reputation: how to promote it

Course focus

The course focuses on the development of policies that embrace diversity within company human capital, whether related to religion, beliefs, gender or geographical origin. The focus is therefore on HR strategies for facilitating inclusion and respect for diversity.

Course aim

The aim of the course is to enable professionals to tap in to their leadership skills to develop integration processes that heighten employees’ sense of belonging to the company. In fact, promoting diversity and eliminating all prejudices is a potent tool for improving workplace wellbeing. This has important strategic significance, leading to improvements in staff performance levels and reputational advantages for the company in terms of employer branding.

Course structure

As experts in Diversity and Inclusivity Management, participants will be well versed in the following areas:

  • primary (age, sex, ethnicity, religion etc.) and secondary dimensions of diversity (education, experience and role in the organisation, income, geographical origin, etc.);
  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Management, costs and benefits;
  • ISO 30145 and the processes for the certification of diversity and inclusion practices;
  • basic principles of the ISO guidelines;
  • essential elements of D&I;
  • instruments for defining a company D&I plan;
  • recruitment and training of personnel from a D&I perspective.

Outcomes / Skills acquired

Participants in the course will acquire skills and tools for:

  • stimulating and motivating personnel;
  • integrating D&I in the company strategy;
  • defining a company image consistent with the values of D&I;
  • creating an inclusive workplace;
  • structuring career paths also in terms of D&I.


  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Upper secondary school leaver’s certificate or equivalent.


Level Professional
Duration 8 weekends, online, 32h in total (Friday evening and Saturday morning 2h+2h)
Modality online
Cost 2.500 €
Language English / Italian
2024      Start 16-02-2024    End 06-04-2024
2024      Start 03-05-2024    End 22-06-2024
2024      Start 18-10-2024    End 14-12-2024

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