Procurement, storage, distribution: using data to plan and coordinate all processes from production to the end customer

Course focus

Supply chain management and logistics is a crucial part of the production process. The goal is to procure raw materials, manage their storage and use, and organise distribution logistics in order to deliver the end product to the customer

The course focuses on various aspects of procurement, transport and distribution, and on related managerial responsibilities. One particular area of interest is the use of data and information flows to facilitate effective planning.

Course aim

The course aims to develop the skills of the professional figures involved in Supply Chain Management: those in charge of procurement, of the storage of stocks of raw materials or finished products, of production, of purchase orders, of shipping and reverse logistics.    

Participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in acquiring a product from a supplier and getting it the end customer: analysis of forecasts, planning and coordination, to meet all business goals and guarantee the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Course structure

The digital transformation provides lots of technologies that can improve the efficiency of the chain of processes between the procurement of the raw materials and the delivery of the end product to the customer.

For this reason, the course is organised into a series of modules focused on the different stages of this chain, presenting the most recent application technologies:

  • Distribution;
  • Inventory management;
  • Transport management;
  • Returns management;
  • Big data;
  • Business management analysis of transport companies.

Outcomes / Skills acquired

At the end of the course participants will have acquired the necessary skills for the optimal management of a fashion sector company’s supplies and logistics using the most recent technologies.

They will therefore be able to take on managerial roles:

  • in the efficient management of warehouse stock;
  • in the tracking of goods;
  • in monitoring KPI;
  • in the planning and coordination of transport.


  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Upper secondary school leaver’s certificate or equivalent.


Level Professional
Duration 8 weekends, online, 32h in total (Friday evening and Saturday morning 2h+2h)
Modality online
Cost 2.500 €
Language English / Italian
2024      Start 13-09-2024    End 09-11-2024

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