Understanding the psychology of luxury customers and learning how to answer to their specific needs to ensure purchases and loyalty

Course focus

The course is designed to train professionals in the sale of luxury products.

Based on Polimoda’s experience in the luxury sector, participants are offered a specific course focused on the characteristics of luxury product customers, their acquisition and retention, and the processes of helping them to purchase exclusive products.

Course aim

Selling luxury products in the fashion segment requires an understanding of the techniques for listening to and understanding the specific needs of customers. After this course professionals will be able to satisfy the needs of a more demanding clientele.

Course structure

The course modules will give participants an in-depth understanding of the luxury sector, focusing on the following topics:

  • the culture of luxury in fashion;
  • fashion buying & merchandising;
  • marketing, supply and demand;
  • artisanship as a key concept;
  • consumer behaviour.

Outcomes / Skills acquired

Participants will acquire all the knowledge of a luxury client advisor:

  • definition of luxury in fashion;
  • strategic sales mindset;
  • the figure of personal advisor;
  • buying and merchandising;
  • analysis and achievement of sales targets.


  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Upper secondary school leaver’s certificate or equivalent.


Level Professional
Duration 8 weekends, online, 32h in total (Friday evening and Saturday morning 2h+2h)
Modality online
Cost 2.500 €
Language English / Italian
2024      Start 23-02-2024    End 13-04-2024
2024      Start 03-05-2024    End 22-06-2024
2024      Start 04-10-2024    End 30-11-2024

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